Yoga and Anxiety

People use yoga to help with their anxiety. It is useful, particularly in people living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Anxiety is the response of the body to stress and is part of the natural fight, flight, or freeze reflex. When we worry too much about everything, it’s like intense, excessive and persistentRead More

Treatment of Insomnia

By changing your sleep habits and talking about any issues that may be related to insomnia, like stress, medications can restore restful sleep for a lot of people. If these measures don’t work, your doctor may suggest cognitive behavioral therapy, medications or both, to help improve sleep and relaxation. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia CognitiveRead More

What is Anxiety?

When we worry too much about everything, its like intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Rapid breathing, fast heart rate may occur. For example,  trembling before your exam, palms getting sweaty before a  job interview? Feeling anxious is a natural way for the body to prepare itself for an important event.Read More

Yoga and Stress

Yoga promotes mental and physical relaxation, which helps in reducing stress and anxiety. The physical postures we make during Yoga encourages flexibility, relieve tension, and alleviate pain. It is a mind and body practice. Various styles of yoga include breathing techniques, physical postures, and meditation or relaxation. Yoga poses may help release muscle knots, helpRead More